Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gowns For A Song

I like to visit my old haunts every now and then just to see if there are any new developments, and Clio was one of those I visited recently. There I was delighted to see some of my old favourites still on sale at the same price, but other older dresses and gowns are currently going for a song...

All gowns from Clio
Hair: New18 from W&Y and Serafina from Bishwear

Evelyn Pink Gown--15L
Jewellery: International Women's Day from aDiva--free (group gift)

Rose Blue Gown--15L
Jewellery: Romance Set in Silver from Precious Designs--1L

Cassandra Gown--25L
Earrings: Adored Earrings from Zuri--free

Perpetua Sable Gown--15L
Jewellery: Funky Fur Jewelry Set from Magia--60L

Magnete Peach Gown--15L


  1. Very nice and vivid colors dear,

    I too feel like going for a song, where can I find one?

  2. LOL Erwin, we can discuss this later:-))


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