Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reasonable Desires

I love those special days when I can buy lovely, desirable items that I have been eyeing without too much guilt, such as 60L Sundays, and I also love the thrill of discovering cute dresses and shoes that cost next to nothing! So who says cheap is ugly?

Dress: Linda from Donna Flora--60L Sunday
Jewellery: Regal Roses from Rhiamon's Realm--60L Sunday
Hair: Classic Hair with Chignon from MrSigmund
Shoes: Mary from Donna Flora--10L

Dress: Bijoux from Donna Flora--1L
Jewellery: Tirtoff from PB Collection--60L
Hair: 20 from Barberyumyum
Shoes: 024 from Angel Alphaville--1L

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