Thursday, March 25, 2010

Size Matters (Sometimes)

Here I am at Greenies Home (which is really the home of giants) feeling rather small (literally) and a little disoriented because everything is towering over me except for some cute little green aliens and a lovely dollhouse with furniture that is just right for my size. Overrall, it is an interesting place to check out and to see things from a very different perspective--sure looks like size DOES matter sometimes!!

Super sized...and there goes my diet!

Just you and me against the (virtual) world...

Nice Kitty...

Safe at last in the dollhouse...

Dress: Viviana from TrendStyle
Hair: Felicity by GuRL at Savoir Hair--free
Shoes: Janies from Heart & Sole--75L (discounted for a limited time)
Bracelets: Silver Bracelets from ONAR--free

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