Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yummy Cupcakes!

I've never tried 'eating' a giant cupcake before, so when I saw it at Cupcakes and Starlight Treasures, I got hooked immediately, shamelessly hogging that over-sized pastry till I was rewarded with these yummy gifts (LOL)!!!

Dress: Ruffly Corset Dress (fuschia) from Cupcakes--free from the giant cupcake
Necklace and Earrings: Dangly Diamond Combo from Tesoro's Creations
Bracelet: Innocence from DivaLicious
Hair: Romance (black A) from Magika
Shoes: Melody (blanco) from B&G
Well: Magical Crystal Wishing Well from Starlight Treasures--free from the giant cupcake


Dress: Bows Formal Dress (hot pink) from Cupcakes (gloves included)--free from the giant cupcake
Earrings: Tish Pearls Set from DM Designs (comes with matching necklace and bracelets)--subscriber gift
Hair: Petite (charcoal) from Kitsune Couture--subscriber gift
Shoes: Diamond Evening Stilettos (velvet black) from Basevi Moda
Lamp: Flower Garden Lamp from Starlight Treasures--free from the giant cupcake

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