Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spotlight--Pandora Pose!!

When I first received this box for review from Pandora Designs (more information can be found here:
Website:,I thought it would be like any other regular box of poses, and I already have sooooooooooooo many poses in my inventory, most of which I hardly even use!! But after I opened the box, I quickly realized this was unlike most I have seen--this is not just a box of poses, it's also a hud, which you can use to play and organize poses and animations; you can even use it to rezz temporary pose balls and adjust the height of the balls too. But the most fun part was I could use the hud to target Erwin and make him pose and animate according to the menu which I controlled!! Of course he wasn't too amused, as seen in the pics below..LOL!!!

One more thing, the package I got also contained a dizzying array of poses and animations--there are male and female model poses, animations and poses for when you are on the floor, in the water, in flight or fight--just amazing!!!

Dress: La Madam from Ohm Store (hair, hat, gloves, shoes, accessories all included)--MM gift
Shorts Outfit: Cotton Candy ShortZ set from Butterfly Effects
Hair with shorts outfit: Cup Cake from Miss Tizzy--FREE!!
Bandana on the arm and socks: Amaris--FREE!!
White Sneakers: part of pink jeans set from Naughty N Nice

This is the hud which I wear--just click on it and a menu will appear...

These are the model poses...

Here are the fun animations and poses...

... here are the fight animations...and poor Erwin looks so miserable here as he was made to crawl and fly against his wishes!! LOL!!


  1. I see you have been enjoying the dark side of remote posing *winks and apologices to Erwin*.

    Btw, you can combine poses by targeting you and him alternatively, using the poseball to set positions... that is how I got a picture of me kicking Peter's nose. Great minds think alike, isn't it?

    Thank you for your review, Lisa, I loved it :-)

  2. You're most welcome London! I certainly enjoyed using it! grins

  3. yes London, that was nice, but no more poses like this please :(


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