Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Dress for Butt Worshippers

I was just lazing around at home and enjoying my solitude one day in my new dress which comes in two top versions (tank or tube), as seen below...

...when all of a sudden my dear Erwin comes around wanting my full attention (as usual). I wasn't in the mood, so I put him in his cage (yes, we have a cage in our home and it has really served us well *winks*)--but nothing would stop him from bugging me, not even my trusty whip...

...only one thing will bring a butt worshipper like him to his knees now, and the way this dress is cut is just perfect for this---the butt did it!!!

...I rest my case *LOL*

On me:
Dress: Shredder Dress (cucumber) from The Plastik
Shoes: Melody (blanco) from B&G
Necklace and Earrings: Diamond Royalty Kirkstone from Alyssa Bijoux
Bangle: Perfect Diamond set from Shine Jewellery
Hair: Summer (onyx blend) from Damselfly
Whip: Dragon Tail Whip from Dictatorshop
On Erwin:
Shirt and Jeans: both from Sartoria (shirt colour modified by Erwin)
Cage: Small Jail Cell from Dictatorshop

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