Monday, November 23, 2009

Hidden Gangster

I remember when I first watched the Godfather Trilogy, three things intrigued me--first, the haunting theme (which, to me is evergreen); second, the importance of family; and third, the way deals were sealed (most of which were secured by 'wasting' all foes..LOL)!!! Ok ok, so I have fantasized about being in a mafia family...but it's more because I love the weapons!! (Not that I know anything about them, they just look sooooo sexy, don't you think)?

Dress: Mini Disco Dress (purple) from Sassy Kitty--MM gift
Hair: Mya Makes Bank from Posh--new release freebie (hat included)
Necklace and Earrings: Alina Black Set from Donna Flora
Weapon: Uzi from Weapons--free
Shoes: Trouble Fetish Stiletto All Black from Carmen's Shoes (unfortunately at the time of publication, I found out too late that the creator had deleted her account and her shop.)
Gloves: Fingerless Leather Gloves from XTC--FREE!!

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