Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sometimes, in the midst of my daily chores and rush of activities, I find myself craving for solitude- for it is only during such moments that I can reflect on what I cherish most, chart new course in my life and re-prioritize. And there's nothing more fulfilling than spending such quiet times in the comfort of my home, especially with these cute furniture from Chez Moi...

Moon: Balanco na Lua (with sit poses) from Chez Moi--only 10L!!
Picnic Mat: also from Chez Moi (umbrella, cushions with pose balls and fruit basket all included)--FREE!!
Dress: Mod Dress from K&CO--FREE!!
Hair: 18 from Barberyumyum
Booties: Trinkette Booties from Rare Bliss--previously free
Bangle and Ring: Gothic Dream set (includes colour-changing hud, matching necklace, earrings and belly stone) from Vincenca Rosca
Nails: French Manicure (black) from D3--FREE!!

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