Saturday, November 28, 2009

Erwin's Wet Look!

Erwin has just created another heart-stopping wet-look dress which, again, is NOT something you wear to meet your future mother in-law..LOL!! Hmm....seems to me Erwin is designing more with men in mind--again!! *grins* But still, I sure enjoyed the attention (unwanted or not) while wearing this dress which has a way of clinging to curves I never thought I even had!! Definitely a great dress for women of all shapes!!

Dress: Wet Look from Provocative Clothings
Hair: Naughty from Tekuteku
Bangle and Ring: Perfect diamond set from Shine Jewellery

Erwin's shorts: free from Oahu Hawaii

Erwin the perfectionist photographer...

Yay! A break at last (for me)!! hehe

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