Monday, November 2, 2009

The Trouble with Trouble

Trouble is, I just love Trouble!! Ok ok, I'm of course referring to one of the latest gowns from Sascha's by Sascha Frangilli :-)) This gown comes in a range of colours and skirt options:-

Here I am in Trouble (summersky) from Sascha's, wearing the battleship skirt option, Aya hair (black) from H2L, Diamond Drop Choker and Earring set from Twisted & Spoiled.

Just love the details on the bodice!!

Here I'm wearing the big sucker skirt option...

...and here is the swooshy skirt option --don't you just love the way Sascha names her skirts???

Lastly, there is the transparent sleek flexi skirt option (seen above) which also comes in an opaque version.

Sascha sure knows what a girl really wants by giving us so many choices in one single buy--now, how not to love Trouble???

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