Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cool Mix

Some cool new tops and skirts for today's looks and matched with some amazing new footwear! Smiley

cool mix 1

cool mix 2

Maretch Tops from Ayla's--new!
Leen Skirts from Koketka--new!
Necklace from Milady's--free
Serenity Picnic Heels from Purrfect 10--VIP gift
Cherry Pink Hair from S Town

cool mix 3

Leen Shirt (pink) and Skirt (sand) from Koketka--new! 
Serenity Summer Rose Heels from Purrfect 10--75L (Lazy Sunday)
Peaceful Sakura Choker from Curious Kitties--free
Crystal Hair from Ali&Ali

cool mix 4

Leen Shirt (closed version) and Skirt from Koketka--new!
Persephone Boots Patent Black from Purrfect 10--new!

Pray Hair with Hat from HS--group gift


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