Friday, July 1, 2011

Dance with Paris Metro!

To celebrate the grand opening of her new store at Tropicana Ballroom which is popular with Salsa and Latin Dance fans, Paris Zsun of Paris Metro is offering an introductory price of only 300L for each of her six gorgeous Salsa gowns at six different locations for three days only (starting 1st July)! So get yours today and dance the night away!

carnation salsa ruby
Carnation Salsa Gown-Ruby (Paris Metro New Tropicana Salsa Ballroom)

carnation salsa amber
Carnation Salsa Gown-Amber (Paris Metro Four Seasons Plaza)

carnation salsa pack

Left to right:

Carnation Salsa Gown-Amethyst (Paris Metro Main Store)

Carnation Salsa Gown-Blue Sapphire (Paris Metro Santorini)

Carnation Salsa Gown-Emerald (Paris Metro The Village)

Carnation Salsa Gown-Yellow Sapphire (Paris Metro-San Diego City)

*hair and jewellery not included


  1. beautiful in red Lisa;) cute those carnation dresses

  2. Thank you Annomis! I know your favourite is red *hehe* xxxxx

  3. omgomgomg so fantastic your work!!!!

  4. Thank you Paris, LOVE your gowns!! xxxxx


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