Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Fun

coeur noir summer freebie

Just having fun in the sun in this cute summer outfit and wearing this new gorgeous skin from TBS which also comes with push up tattoo layers!


Summer Freebie Outfit (necklace included) from Coeur Noir at Modavia--Modavia group gift
New York Bangles from Baby Monkey--group gift
Hadeya Hair from Catwa--group gift
Vania MK 25 Skin from TBS--new!


  1. CUTE pose..but hey seriously, that skin youve got on is beautiful!

  2. Thank you Laila, I just felt like letting my hair down *hehe*, and I love TBS skins too!

  3. Omg! Don't fall! Cute look and pose! I love that hair but it keeps giving a message every time I tp somewhere new.

  4. Thank you KiSMeT! I sure enjoyed myself with that pose *grin* , and oh I didn't tp anywhere with that hair on, will have to try it and see if I get a message too:-))


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