Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Three B's

I love pieces of jewellery that are big, bold and beautiful-the three B's *grin*, so I was delighted to hear from Ganked once again about some free jewellery in store, and boy you really must not miss this! Also, I just discovered that my good friend and shape maker Xanthe Audeburgh has been busy making jewellery too! And how I LOVE them! Chunky, cool and definitely swoon-worthy! *hee*

Nysse Gown from S Town--1L (MND Hunt)
Bunnies Revenge Jewellery Set from Ganked--free
Alice Hair from EMO-tions

swoon style
Polka Tank from NCparis--group gift
Summer Mini Skirt from S Town--group gift
Beaded Chunky Drop Necklace and Beaded Chunky Bracelet from Swoon Style--opening group gifts (thanks Xanthe! xxxxx)
Chef2 Hair from Simply Britnee


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