Thursday, June 16, 2011


Inspired by this dress, I paid a visit to one of the greatest engineering feats of all time (if not the greatest)...

tiger dress

Tiger Dress from ORQUIDEA--Silk Road Hunt gift
Golden Torc necklace, earrings and cuffs from NCparis
Kalia hair from ICONIC--free
Pic taken at Great Wall of China


  1. Lovely shot! and the dress is gorgeous! <3

  2. Very pretty! I love that sim since it's as close to the Great Wall as I'll probably get. Lol!

  3. Moniq--thank you so much! This is my first dress from Orquidea and I think I will go back to get some more dresses *hehe*

    Laila--aww thank you!!! xxxx

    KiSMeT--excactly what I was thinking too since visiting the real thing is like a pipe dream for me, so thank God for SL huh? *LOL*


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