Thursday, June 30, 2011

Smokin' Hot Immerschoen!

When it comes to sexy smokin' hot looks, I can always count on Immerschoen Fashion for its high quality products-from shorts, skirt and pants sets to lingerie, boots and even tattoos!

black fetish

Immerschoen Girl-Latex Panty Set 'Black Fetish' from Immerschoen Fashion--includes latex shorts and two bustier versions (regular and nipple slip) and latex stockings--new!
Hot Topic Latex Gloves (part of outfit) from SD Wears
Natasha hair from BDR
Achilleus Belly Pierce from Gabriel--group gift
NDS bracelets from Ryca
Bat necklace from Alienbear--free
Immerschoen Girl Laced Latex Ankle Boots from Immerschoen Fashion

latex skirt set

Immerschoen Girl-Latex Skirt Set Black #1 from Immerschoen Fashion--includes latex Gilet longarms, laced latex skirt and net underpants stockings--new!
Sasha hair from BDR
Lace Velvet Cameo Steampunk necklace from Seraphim Rhode
Leather Gloves Short Black from Immerschoen Fashion

Each of these two pretty lingerie sets below includes shorty and bra, bra net shirt, stockings with net, sculpted pareo and matching Cube jewellery set (necklace, earrings, bracelet)


Bodycult Lingerie Casual Beauty Case Chantal Green and Chantal Bordo from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Bernice hair from Ali&Ali


  1. Smoking hot indeed! You look so Lara Croft in the fist pic! :)

  2. *LOL* Moniq! Aww thank you! Actually I used to fantasize about being Lara Croft *shhh...hehe*

  3. Woohoo! The second look is sexy! Love the pic!


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