Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Love My French Farmhouse!


Just chillin' at my new farmhouse which was a steal at only 50L on the marketplace! Beautiful build indeed by the amazing Ariadne Korda!

farmhouse 2

French farmhouse from Vent du Sud
Carla minidress (includes shoes) from Giovanni
Cameo Gargoyle necklace and earrings from Violet Voltaire
Milky Way nails from Mandala
Bracelets from RYCA
Hat from LaGyo--ZombiePopcorn hunt gift
Hair (part of complete avatar)  from YN Design


  1. The French farmhouse looks hot *evil grins at Lisa*

  2. Thank you Corina, I think! *LOLOL* *evil grins back*

  3. Thank youuuuu Lisa... I stole a photo and put it on my blog (but did put you on my blogroll too!)

  4. *LOL* Ari! Thanks for linking my blog(linked yours too) and glad you liked my pic! hugsssssssssssss


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