Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day at the Beach...

...Mambo Beach, to be exact, and it sure was nice to be back there after such a long break to enjoy the great music, chill out at the beach bar, soak in the beautiful sea view...what more can one ask for? Oh and a very Happy Rez Day to my dearest Erwin!!! xxxxxxx

Cochiti Kini from GCD--new!
Bangle Buttons from JD Design--new!
Ying hair from DrLife
Boom-Badoom-Boom eye make-up from Boom at Kozmetika--free
Applecheek blush from a.e.meth at Kozmetika--free
Ooh La La Lips from Glamorize--MM gift

Flutter dress (hair accessory and bracelet included) from Graffitiwear--new!
Carla hair from AE--1L
So Many Rainbows eye make-up from M.O.C.K. at Kozmetika--free
Showers for Flowers necklace (with colour changeable flowers) from Laurelrose Anthony--1L (previously blogged)

Poses from Bent! and agapee
Pics taken at Mambo Beach


  1. Er...think I will say thank you on his behalf Corina!! *lol* xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love the bangles in the first pic and the makeup in both! I'm thinking I missed a few of these when I was at Kozmetika.

  3. I love those bangles too KiSMeT, and there were so many goodies at Kozmetika I almost missed these as well! Thanks for stopping by KiSMeT! xxxx


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