Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Block

The Block

Shoulder Strap Blue Geo Mesh Dress (includes flower attachment) from Siss Boom--new! (other colours and prints available)
Hair (with headband) from AY LinE--renew store gift (previously blogged)
Holiday Cuff from NCparis--group gift
French Sky Nails from Finesmith--group gift (already blogged)
Mesh Luna Boots LaRoche from MishuMishu--new!
Cat Br/Mu 5 Skin and Cat Eyebrows from Siss Boom--new group gift
The Block (with 5 poses) from Magpie at Culture Shock 2012 Booth-Blue--opening on 4th May
Paper Ceiling Lamps from Lok's Low Prim Furniture--May 2012 gift

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