Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day

Dani Romper (mesh, with gold/silver belt) from [Amarelo Manga]--new!
Holiday Hair (brown, with sunglasses, brown hair base 4 and Sunny Holiday!! hair base 4 tattoo layers) from EMO-tions at Fashion Limited--99L (only 50 to be sold--event starts on 1st June)
Clutch Bag "Fashion" Gold Mesh from [Amarelo Manga]--new!
Flash Necklace from Retro' at [_Stuff in Stock_]--free
Beach Skin-Pale 1-D Cup (comes with eyebrows, tintable hair base tattoo layer and pubic hair in pants/underpants layers) from MyDear Skin--new!
Pose from BENT.

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