Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Along Came A Spider...

Along Came A Spider...

Scribble Cocktail Dress (hat, bow sash and gloves included) from Paris Metro Couture--new!
Blanche Hair (includes hud and hud for streaks too) from MINA at the next round of Zombiepopcorn Brand Wave--exclusive release (starting 12 May--essentials pack for 150L; Blanche will be sold at MINA main store and satellite stores at the normal price after this round)
Helios Necklace from NCparis
Beach Skin from MyDear Skin--group gift (also comes with Beach shape not worn here)


  1. Lisa i love your work the spider direction is all your own and very cute! You always bring so much to your styliny!
    Tu es Magnifique xoxo!

  2. Aww thank you so much Paris, so glad you liked it, it's always a pleasure to blog your wonderful creations! xoxo


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