Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Plain Jane

immerschoen jane

Jane is the name of the new outfit from Immerschoen Fashion, with a low-cut neckline, midriff-baring top and peek-a-boo thong--match that with an interesting pair of high-heel sneakers and you get an outfit that's definitely a head-turner and no Plain Jane for sure!

immerschoen jane 2

immerschoen jane 3

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl-Camou Set 'Jane' (includes gloves, belt, tattoo, necklace and arm bands) from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Shoes: Immerschoen Girl-HighHeels Sneakers from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Hair: Tereza from Bishwear--new!
Poses: Poise at Pose Fair 2011--free!


  1. That is a really head turning outfit. Great post.

  2. Very sexy! Awesome photos too ^^

  3. Lisa -- you look fabulous! Great pics and wonderful outfit!

  4. so cool this outfit:) and that tattoo is super !


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