Monday, April 4, 2011

All Dolled Up

I've never worn anything by Dilly Dolls before, but these new gowns are so adorable, sort of steampunk in vibrant colours with lots of  pretty little details, I just had to blog them! The only problem I had was in choosing the colours--I loved them all, and of course I loved my favourite pink! But in order not to make this post too lengthy and for a change, I chose teal and yellow. I matched these gowns with my latest favourite updos from Pocket Mirrors, previously blogged here, but today I wanted a close-up of them because they are so gorgeous and classy--you would probably be seeing more of them in my future posts!

Amaranth III (yellow) with Dilara updo

Amaranth III (teal) with Elisa updo

Gowns from Dilly Dolls
Updos from Pocket Mirrors


  1. pretty doll outfits:) and the hair is very nicely made and elegant

  2. You always make such awesome closeups :D Love the pics!

  3. Aww thanks so much Corina! Muachhhhhh!!!


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