Sunday, April 3, 2011


I am totally in love with the new Misty dress that designer Ayla Verity has just created--it comes in several pastel shades and has pretty trimmings at the neckline with a light airy translucent skirt! Just what I would wear in RL! 

Dress: Misty dress (brown) from Ayla's--new!
Necklace: Cascade from N@N@--subscriber gift
Bracelet: Midnight Mocha from Chop Zuey--previous group gift
Hair: Olga from A&A

Dress: Misty dress (blue) from Ayla's--new!
Headpiece,bracelets and earrings: Snowy Flower set from SyDS
Necklace: from Eden Beverly--April group gift
Hair: Amnesha hair from A&A

Poses: Reasonable Poses
Way to go Ayla!! xxxxxxx


  1. oooh... I would wear this in RL too :) Adorable look and pictures, Lisa! <3

  2. Aww many thanks Moniq! Can't wait to see your blog post on this dress! *hugsssssssss*

  3. yes the dress is superb and the styling too:)

  4. Great pics and nice dress. I like the sheer outer layer.

  5. Thank you Annomis and Salvatore! *big hugsss*


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