Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me and You and a Pose Named Beu


OK I just couldn't resist that cheesy title and apologies to fans of Lobo, but seriously now, these new poses are named after my lovely (and sometimes crazy) plurk/SL friend Beulah Mills, who, apparently, has been pestering Gidge Uriza of STaTUS  to create poses suitable for long hair and Loli skirts! What a fantastic idea! I've always had a hard time looking for those types of poses! As you can see here, I'm wearing neither long hair nor Loli skirts, but these poses work just as well, and you can get them now in a pack of five at a special Hump Day price! Thanks for the tip, Beu, and do bug Gidge for more! *hee*

beu 2

Liberty top from NCparis--group gift
Mini shorts (includes pasties not worn here) from The Death--1L
Pegasus hair from LALA Moon--free
Mushroom necklace from EED--TEBH gift
Inka bracelets (red) from JD--new!
Amy boots (red) from Baby Monkey--new!
Vivid Eyeshadow teal from a e meth--new!
Beu poses (comes in a pack of 5 assorted poses) from STaTUS--69L (Hump Day)


  1. wicked post,loved the pictures. hugs you

  2. Love the pose and pretty much everything you are wearing!


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