Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sweet Deals at Cilian'gel!

Cilian'gel has some really sweet deals for all of you this holiday season! There are gifts, hunt prizes and a 10L special! Woot!

Got Kitties? Black Denim Set--Group Gift (Find it at Cilian'gel The Temple)

Got Scent? (Two skirt versions-Christmas present from Cilian'gel which you can find on the Fabulously Free Christmas Shopping Tour Cart in the main Cilian'gel Boutique here)

Got NBC? (The Nightmare Before Christmas Hunt, 1-31 Dec, male and female sets) here

Got Birds? (10L special) here

Taxi to Cilian'gel
Poses: Slash Me Poses


  1. Oh my goodness Mistresssssss, the last pic with the short dress, WOW!... that's too much for an average male, too much!

  2. LOL Erwin, but you're not the average male....


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