Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Deals at Cilian'gel!

Cilian'gel Boutique has more sweet offerings for all of you this Christmas! Try your hand at the Christmas Gatcha machine for only 10L each, and you can get one of these three pretty Got North? sets!!

Got North? Purple Set (includes ballet shoes, two skirt options, gingerbread man and hair ornament)

Left: Got North? Pink Set (ballet shoes and hat included)
Right: Got North? Tartan Set (includes ballet shoes, hair ornament and three different skirt additions)

And here's something fun to wear this season--Unwrap (scripted)!! There's a men's version as well, only 25L each!! (I'm only going to show you the female version because I just can't stand how my male avatar looks! Guess I'll have to shop for one for future use!*grin*)

Unwrap (scripted)--women's version

Taxi to Cilian'gel Boutique
Poses: Boutique Giada


  1. yay...all pics are cute, but the last one is my fav...that gift thing is awesome*s*

  2. Thank you Annomis! Yes I love the last one too, it's so funny and cute *hehe*


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