Saturday, December 4, 2010

Celebrate with Paris Metro!

Come celebrate the opening of Paris Metro: Gallery on Dec 4th with live music by Gina Stella at 3PM SLT next door to the La Samaritaine and Anek Fuchs at 4PM SLT!! There will be a beautiful new show of work by JeanPierrot Hamelin who is also the Gallery Director and what's more, Paris has prepared some gifts for you too at this event! So see you there!

Starry Miracle (choker not included)--gift!!

Women's Big Kable Sweater Emerald and Men's Big Kable Sweater Red (how do you like my male avatar? *grin*)

Poses: Posey, Slash Me Poses, Adorkable
Taxi to Paris Metro


  1. The model wearing green looks awesome :P

  2. Thank you Corina, guess she looks better than the one wearing red! LOL xxxx


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