Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby Monkey 2011

I wasn't quite sure how I was going to blog this because there are so many fantastic new releases for January 2011 from one of my favourite shoe stores Baby Monkey and I really would have loved to take pics of all of them but time is limited, so here's a quick glance...

Audrey Pumps (Blues and Greens--with texture hud)--these pumps come in three other colour combinations, and there are a few variations of each shade in each combo, as you can see in this Blue/Green example

Domina Boots (Browns, Purples--all with texture hud)--there are so many colour combinations to choose from not just for the boot but also the straps and metal and there are altogether six colour combos in the fatpack. The Browns for example, has a hud that allows you to change the boot and strap colours to nude, latte or chocolate and the metal to gold or silver, and you can mix and match them as you please, same for the Purples!

Left to right:
Ultimate Madden Pumps (with texture hud)--12 colours in all, with custom skin, toe ring and nail colour options
Milana Pumps (with resizer)--in 8 colours
Knit Slouch Boots (with resizer)--in 11 colours

Ultimate Lara Pumps (Reds--with texture hud)--6 different colour groups in all, and the hud allows you to choose from a few shades of reds plus a choice of silver or gold metal as well custom skin tones--just lurrve those spikes and killer heels!

Left to right:
Ultimate Margot (Pinks--with texture hud)--comes in 7 colour groups with custom skin and various shades of the same family
Leg Warmers (Berry--with texture hud)--9 colours in all, with light, dark and patterned options
Slouch Socks (Plum--with texture hud)--in 5 colours, with light, dark and white options

Taxi to Baby Monkey


  1. Love those heels :D And the dresses :P

  2. wow...they are cute:) love the boots

  3. Thank you Corina and Annomis! Yeah I love Baby Monkey footwear too! And Corina, those dresses are old but they are among my favourites!hugssss both

  4. Wow! Too cute! I said I was not going to buy anymore boots, but.......

  5. LOL Lila, yeah I can't resist Baby Monkey boots either! But hey it's a New Year, it's a good excuse to give yourself a treat!:-)))))))))))))


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