Friday, January 6, 2012

Today's Specials!

Come grab these new, lovely 100L specials from Siss Boom before the prices increase, and take a look at Purrfect 10's past VIP exclusive heels which are now on sale to Standard Members for just 99L per pair!

Petite Roses

Petite Roses (socks included) from Siss Boom--100L Daily Specials
Kim Hair (with hud) from MINA at ZombiePopcorn Brand--new!
P10 Serenity Heels StarStruck from Purrfect 10--99L Specials (for Standard Members)


Minimalist from Siss Boom--100L Daily Specials
Smokey Topaz Necklace and Earrings from Alexxcessories--Xmas subscriber gift
Joakim Hair from HairArt--January group gift for men (suits women too)!
P10 Serenity Heels Paisley from Purrfect 10--99L Specials (for Standard Members)

More 99L Specials for Purrfect 10 Standard Members below (because of time, I have to use pics from my previous posts here):
cool mix 2
P10 Serenity Picnic Heels (from previous post 'Cool Mix')

P10 Serenity Valentine Heels (from previous post 'Happy Valentine's Day')

P10 Serenity Heels Tiger (from previous post 'A Purrfect Weekend Mix')

See more specials at Purrfect 10! Happy shopping!

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