Saturday, October 31, 2009

Still Crazy

Sometimes, I just can't believe that after more than a year together, Erwin and I are still crazy about one another, and with every passing day, our love just grows stronger....sighs..

On Erwin: Brawler Dark (leather outfit with long coat and several jacket and shirt options, sunglasses, belt and gloves included, shoes not included), all from Inedit by Dans Belgar

On me: Grasie bodysuit from KIM, Springleaf necklace and armband from Shiny Things, Silver Hoop earrrings from Basalia's Baubles and Bangles, Elora hair (black) from Glitter and Single colour Bow Footsie (fern) from S@SS.

Hi handsome, you look familiar:-)

One of my favourite positions....

Busy, do not disturb (winks)...

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