Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Gorean Encounter (Part 2)

So far so good--the Head Urt of The City of Fina, Delightful Demina, turned out to be truly delightful company indeed and we ended up chatting like old friends at the docks...

On me: Outfit (Tribal F-white) from Ripped, boots from Danika Design, hair (Endra-Dark) from Analog Dog Hair

On Delightful: Hair (Diva) from Bewitched

We were so engrossed in our little conversation that we didn't even notice a dark figure standing near us, till we heard him say, "I gather you ladies are having fun?" He was a stranger to the city and introduced himself as Dalan Jinx...

Outfit on Dalan Jinx from Fallen, cloak and shoulder guard from The Forge

mmm... yummy...-what jinx?

It must have been the weather, or the location, or simply chemistry, coz' the three of us managed to click somehow, and I just had to change into something more feminine for this group pic...

My gown: Annabell gown (white) from Mystic Sky (also comes with white cloak option, with scripted hood, just love it)!!

Here are the hemlines of the cloak and gown with beautiful flowery details... be continued....

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