Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Cutie :-)

Christmas Cutie

I don't usually like anything 'cute' or 'cutesy', whether it's fashion or poses, just a personal quirk, what can I say? But this outfit with the santa pack has a way of lifting my spirits--maybe it's the colour, maybe it's a reminder that my favourite season is drawing near :-) Anyways, cute or not, I've always liked creations from Tameless because of its quality and fine attention to detail, and there are other Christmas outfits in store too, so do visit to see the rest :-)

Christmas Cutie Outfit (includes mesh hat, mesh boots, mesh gloves, mesh dress, socks, garters and santa sack) from Tameless--new!
Karin Hair from Pelle--group gift
Amberly Skin-Europa 03 Rav and Amberly Eyebrows Shape B from Glam Affair--new!

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