Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All About Plants...



...because today's Peace On Earth (POE) Hunt items from Armony and ArisAris happen to be named after them--gardenia and mistletoe :-) Even though mesh is pretty much the in-thing in SL now, a staple, in fact, still I'm honestly not too fond of mesh because of the adjustments required in order to fit into whatever I'm wearing, to the point that sometimes it leaves me looking horribly anorexic and with no boobs to speak of! But for some reason I've never had problems with mesh products from these two brands, and the best thing is that I still retain most of my curves after some minor tweaks:-) Also, quite a few stores have already started their advent calendars with items that may or may not be free while others may require group tags, but whatever, they're definitely worth checking out, you might just find some gems among them:-)

Gardenia Mesh Gown from Armony--POE Hunt item
Tyra 4 Hair from EMO-tions
Necklace and Desire Lashe Jewel (texture change) from Finesmith--group gifts
Amberly Skin-America 12 D from Glam Affair--new!
Pose from aDORKable--advent gift

Mistletoe Mesh Dress from ArsiAris--POE Hunt item
Holly Hair from Ali&Ali--voting present
Hollywood Watch from Virtual Impressions--advent gift (requires group tag)
Amberly Skin-America 11D and Amberly Eyebrows Shape B from Glam Affair--new!
Pose from HopScotch--1L (advent calendar)

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