Thursday, April 12, 2012



Survivor 1

Survivor 2

Survivor Outfit (unisex and great for casual wear or role-play! Outfit includes sculpted vest, wristbands, leather pants, detailed belt, two tank tops, matching earring and face tattoo) from EMO-tions--new! (coming this Saturday 14 April)
Survivor 1 Hair and Survivor 2 Hair (both include optional feather ornament add-on, matching hair base tattoo and hair base/head tattoo combination) from EMO-tions--new! (both sold separately--coming this Saturday 14 April)
Justina Skin-Medium 4HB from MyDear Skin--new!
Poses from BENT.

*And don't forget the discounted section at EMO-tions VALHAL where there are many discounted hairstyles!

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