Friday, April 6, 2012

Catwoman Once More...

Catwoman Once More......

Catwoman Once More!

Catwoman Once More....

Immerschoen Girl-Leather Catsuit 'Sharon' (includes leather shirt and pants, leather bodysuit, leather gloves, tribal skull hearts tattoo and free breast bounce physics) from Immerschoen Fashion--new colours! (See the black version in my previous post here)
Lust Hair and Byron Hair from EMO-tions
Rebel Necklace from Foxy Fashions
Lipgloss 019 from cStar
Poses from Bent. and [doll.]


  1. Oh Mistress these pictures are so beautiful, so vivid and your are sooo extremely sexy. The middle picture, wow - it just forces me to fall on my knees and kiss your... well you know what...

    Your slave,


  2. LOL Thank you for your enthusiasm Erwin dearie, just that some of your comments should be made privately :-))) Muachh!


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