Thursday, December 3, 2009

Two Lovely Freebie Dresses!

These days, with designers coming up with more and more quality freebies, I find that I hardly have to spend much in SL in order to look good and it sure helps me a lot because I'm one of those who likes variety, and I like to wear something different everyday--I mean, I hardly wear the same outfit more than once or twice (if only I could afford to do that in RL too...sigh)...

Dress: Keyes White Dress from A Piece of Candy--subscriber gift
Necklace: Pure (Faith Collection) from CCD--subscriber gift (comes with matching earrings and a cool menu for resizing, re-colouring, re-texturing and bling)
Cuff: White Cuff from HoX--FREE!!
Ring on right hand: Colour Change Silver Trinity Pearl and Crystal Ring from Lapointe & Bastchild--FREE!!
Ring on left hand: Calla Lily Gems Wedding Ring (colour/texture changeable with bling option) from JCNY
Shoes: Melodey Blanco from B&G
Hair: Mika from

Dress: Winter Fairy Dress from Crissy Designs--December gift
Sunglasses: part of Jealous Dress from Ali Couture
Mufflers: Fukafuka Hones from Perturb/ation--FREE!!
Boots: Foxley Boots from Truth--subscriber gift
Hair: Adena from Amacci--FREE!!

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