Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lisamun at The Butterfly Gallery!

Lisamun at The Butterfly Gallery!

Lisamun at The Butterfly Gallery II

When I logged into SL today, I was so surprised and delighted to find these two lovely dresses from Ashlison Aboma of Ashli Designs named after me and in the style that I love too! Such an honour it was, thank you so much Ashli! Also, I had the privilege of visiting a beautiful Butterfly Gallery owned by Michiel Bechir and one of my dearest flickr friends Bloomy Miles! Congrats to both of you!! I missed the Gallery opening (I must have been on another planet as  usual *hee*) but hey, better late than never! The Gallery will be opened for one week, so hurry!

Lisamun Lace and Lisamun Black (both include bow knot at the back and diamond/feather attachment in front) from Ashli Designs--new! (thank youuuuu Ashli! xoxoxo)
Languid Hair from MrS
White Pearls with Cross from Glitter
Lace Short Gloves from LOW Industries
Pics taken at The Butterfly Gallery (pic 1: I'm standing in front of an artwork by the lovely Bloomy Miles; pic 2: artwork by another dear flickr friend Annomis Devaux)


  1. Aww Lisa, thank you so much!!! :-) big hugs my dear xoxoxo

  2. You're most welcome my dear Bloomy! xxxx

  3. hi beautiful:) u visited the gallery...:* u look gorgeous as always, hugs

  4. Hey Annomis, I loved your art piece!!! And thank youuuu!! hugssss


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