Saturday, December 10, 2011

Siss Boom Hunt Goodies!

Siss Boom is participating in the Bizarre Behaviour Hunt (11Dec 2011 to 1 Jan 2012) and all Siss Boom hunt items are 10L-20L each! Just look for a mask! Don't miss this chance to grab some really GORGEOUS items from Siss Boom at a fraction of the regular prices! (And if I weren't so crazy about Siss Boom's creations myself I wouldn't be spending my whole Sunday morning taking these pics! *hee*)

*All clothing and skin from Siss Boom

Siss Boom Hunt Goodies 1
Left to right: Savoir-Faire, Cold Little Snowflake, Exceptional

Siss Boom Hunt Goodies 2
Left to right: Fairytale, Navy Casual Dress, Tweed Casual Dress

Siss Boom Hunt Goodies 3
Left to right: Vintage Stitched Sweater/Bandeau/Leggings (all to be found separately--bandeaux come in a pack of 5 colours, leggings in a pack of 4), Winter Flower (jeans, shirt and tank included), Unorthodox Patchwork

In all pics:
Siss Boom's Poem Skin Medium and Tan--also included in the hunt!
Poses from aDORKable (Chill Dork Pack)--10L (With Love Hunt)

Happy hunting!!


  1. You are such a sugar! Thank you for the beautiful photo's :)

    Lestat -siss boom-

  2. You're most welcome Lestat! It's always a pleasure to blog your creations!!! hugsss


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