Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sale at Paris Metro!!

Paris Metro is having a sale!!! Just look for a golden leaf and the gown is yours at a reduced price of 300L!

Two examples here:

Leather Spun and Amber Paisley

Leather Spun Love Gown and Amber Paisley Kisses Gown

AND more here below!
These other gowns on sale include those from past seasons (from Oct 2010) which I have already blogged (wow how time flies and omg I've also forgotten how noob I used to look *shudder*):-

Feast Chocolate Gown--previously blogged here
Kiss of the Spider Woman Gown--previously blogged here
Golden Galaxy Gown--previously blogged here (second pic)
Entwined Gown (Chestnut)--the plum version was previously blogged here
Windswept Leaves Midnight Gown and Windswept Leaves Fire Gown--the Fuschia version was previously blogged here

Get them all at:

Paris Metro Couture
Paris Metro Couture Four Seasons Plaza
Paris Metro Couture CWS Fashion Mall
Paris Metro Couture San Diego City

Happy shopping!!!

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