Sunday, October 9, 2011

For The Child In Me...

For The Child In Me..

Outfit from Chandelle--free
AIPE Hair from HS--group gift
Halloween Pumpkin Necklace from Sumomo--group gift
Lego Headdress and Simple Dot Bracelet from Sumomo--free
Eyes from bbqq--group gift
Autumn Princess Skin from Mojo--group gift


  1. Soo cute and whimsy. I laugh to myself remembering how many legos I would step on in the middle of the night, while checking on my sleeping babies. Which was about ohhh....over 20 years ago. =)

  2. Laila I know what you mean! Sure brings back memories huh? *lol*

  3. I love the angle of this shot's still do it for me :-)))

  4. *lol* Chalice, I think I will never tire of those either! xxxx


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