Monday, August 1, 2011

New Release Mix

I haven't been able to blog much lately because of my new RL job, but I take pics whenever I can so that I can show you some of my favourite new releases...

BodyCult Fantasy Costume Body Suit ZARA (includes bracelets and key pendant) from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Lia hair from LollipopZ--free

immerschoen KIM
BodyCult Panty Set KIM Blue (bracelets included) from Immerschoen Fashion--new!
Margarita Earrings from JKtrends--new!
Ares I Glasses SG 82 from Role Optic--new!
Musa Hair from EMO-tions--new group gift

paris metro white linen
White Linen Halter+Bra+Snake Skin Zip Pants from Paris Metro--new!
Imani Hair from Vanity Hair
Honour Earrings from Chop Zuey

skys the limit
Skys The Limit from Siss Boom--new!
Marigold hair form SFBH


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